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ETHIKA was born from the desire to enhance and highlight the Italian and international cultural, historical and artistic heritage through education, ethical marketing and organization of events. Innovation, inclusion, ethics and sustainability are our basis for a fairer and greener world. As an association we strongly believe in creating synergies and we work to create opportunities for change for individuals, companies and entire communities.



Gli studenti sostenere gli esami

One step at a time

The concept of educational is the basis of every action that ETHIKA takes. The primary objective is to broaden the concept of communication, respect, ethics and sustainability. It is essential for us to teach their 360-degree application from an early age.


The courage to be unique

ETHIKA's marketing is based on uniqueness. Each company is made up of the unique background and aspirations that create values. Our campaigns are based exclusively on the values present in your company regardless of its size.

Battere le mani Pubblico

Storytelling of the value

Being the best is not enough, you need to tell the world about it. Photos, videos, web design, blogs, social media, advertising, press reviews and events are just some of the possible solutions. Together we will find the best way

for you.





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"... there are occasions when a critic really risks something. For example, in discovering and defending the new. The world is often against new talent and new creations: new supporters are needed for the new! ..."

Anton Ego, Ratatouille