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Italian song and culture in Perth-Australia by contest "Sounds of Italy"

Sienna Woods on the podium, with the song "Non ho l'età", in an Italian-Swiss '60 Luca Martini's outfit.

Event cover

Endless emotions during the event of last 21 October, at the Regal Theater in Perth in Australia, which saw numerous singers and bands competing, with the sole purpose of bringing the Italian song to the top.

The Italian community in Perth welcomed this edition of the “Sounds of Italy” contest with great enthusiasm, conceived and directed by the pianist Sammy Pizzata, which had a great success with the public and singers.

The Regal Theater in Perth was very full, where the most exciting event of recent years in Australia took place, masterfully conducted by Tina Altieri, TV journalist in Australia, but very Italian; many young participants in the race with two age groups, but to stand out in particular, to the point of earning the podium in third place was Sienna Woods, with the historical piece by Gigliola Cinquetti "Non ho l'età".

Sung in a masterly way by the very young Sienna, with her orchestra in the original

Sienna Woods and her 60's Luca Martini outfit

version, thrilled the whole audience, really reaching everyone's soul: "... we were live streaming with our staff to watch Sienna perform wearing our custom-made dress for her ... we were delighted by this girl so good and able to reach the innermost chords of all of us with her singing, with such an important and global piece ... she got a really high level result, the whole audience was excited and we with them, listening her interpretation… the rest was also done by the outfit we created for her… strongly desired by herself… ”.

A well-finished outfit perfectly inserted in the 60s, also thought of in the details, handmade in Veneto, with 100% eco-sustainable fabrics and attention to detail at haute couture levels. Even the headband was designed for her hairstyle so projected into the scene.

"... You seem to have stepped out of the time machine ... from the 60s ...." tell us Tracy Woods, Sienna's mom.

The message of Gabriele Sampaolo, General Manager "Enasco 50 & Più" in Perth, is very important, underlining the great integration of the Italians of Australia in all these decades, always welcomed with great respect and who have distinguished themselves in mutual aid in the interest of their adoptive country.

The institutional message of Nicolò Costantini, Italian Consul in Perth, is significant and essential, confirming the 22nd edition of the "Week of the Italian Language in the World", as an initiative of absolute value and enrichment for all; the contest integrates perfectly with this opportunity desired by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the high patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.

Pride and credit to the Luca Martini fashion team who sponsored Sienna in this beautiful Australian adventure, but rich in Italian style and culture; from today the doors of many other occasions open for this very young singer and musician, who at the age of 12, plays piano and guitar, sings wonderfully, composes and knows 4 languages.

Sienna Woods, will be in Italy very soon, to complete a course of study related to Italian "bel canto" and to the Italian language in particular; there will be a way to see and hear it, live in Italy.

Sienna, at the Regal Theater

Enasco Directors and Italian Consul, messages

Event program

Sienna's, official sponsorship by LucaMartini

Tina Altieri, official MC event and musicians

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