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ETHIKA works to change the concepts of production and use of consumer goods in the fashion and design sector. As an artistic organization we base our work on a more incisive approach to the most significant challenges of our society. We create opportunities for change for individuals and the entire community, through our local promotion events.

Donna sul telefono

Ethical communication

Attention and care to look for the best ways and best times to the public.

di marketing Gente allegra di brainstorm

Ethical marketing

Ideas that become proposals, always in step with viable opportunities.

Due schermi di computer

Digital consulting

We learn to use technologies correctly to advance in mutual respect.

VisitMonaco Rdress official fashion bran

Event management

Let's celebrate with all our friends and supporters the right goal and show the next one to our target.

Coppia godendo all'aperto

Social inclusion

We embrace the difficulties to support and help all those who want to make our way.

Lavoro creativo

PR and press office

Choose the right words and the right means to always hit the targets.

Il futuro

Sustainability consultancy

We help to support your idea first of all and with it our whole world and its inhabitants.

Film Clapboard

Multimedia services

See ... feel ... touch what is ephemeral to the senses to create new media concepts.

Euro moneta

Public and EU funds

We design for you, creating real and tangible opportunities to achieve what was not possible before.

La scrittura degli studenti


Knowledge and awareness are foundations for realistic and sustainable progress.

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