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Russians desert. The Ukrainian population welcomes them.

Perhaps a divine sign or a real human revolution, what is happening more and more often every day in almost all war zones in Ukraine. Russian soldiers? They are boys, little more than 18 years old and in most cases very scared and not at all accustomed to killing.

They surrender to people who stop their tanks. They get out and unload the fuel to justify that they can no longer continue. They find a way to surrender to the defenseless population that stands in front of their war machines.

They find welcome and a hot meal, tea and some biscuits, but above all the human warmth, what they have left in their homes in Russia, from their mothers whom they hope to see again soon.

A strange war.

An army that refuses to stand up against the Ukrainian brothers, until yesterday, all considered to be like them. No difference would have led them to such cruelty and now they just can't stand on their killing machines to mercilessly hit those who have no guilt.

They go down and find some brothers who always ask "but why did you make this choice" ... but they themselves have no answer ... "I don't know ... they told us to come here to defend you ... but we got here they say to shoot ... It makes no sense ... I don't! ".

Then they cry and eat.

They are young, like their Ukrainian brothers, they are part of the same heart, that of their mothers, their homelands, sisters and wives, children, who await their return to overcome and forget this crazy nonsense!

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