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The bishop of Padua, Msgr. Claudio Cipolla, responded to an appeal for help from the "Lisolachenoncè Teolo ODV" association, which is trying to bring about sixty children and young people from a Ukrainian orphanage to Italy, and more precisely to Padua. Bishop Claudio gave availability for the reception (room and board) in the rooms of the minor seminary of Rubano, then leaving the management of the presence to the association, which since 1999 has been in charge of welcoming Ukrainian orphaned children and which is chaired by Paolo Jurisprudent. Together with Dr. Stefania Barbieri, the association's health referent, Bishop Claudio became a spokesperson to ask the Italian and Venetian Red Cross and the Italian Embassy and Consulate in Warsaw to encourage the transit of minors through Polish territory. The situation is currently evolving and we are waiting to know if the group made up of about sixty minors and some women from Ukraine will be able to cross the borders with Poland and subsequently transit to Italy. In the meantime, the reception is being organized at the Rubano seminary. A social tam tam has led many people to make themselves present by bringing a lot of help. But now it is important to point out the real needs. There is NO need for mattresses, blankets, or things for babies.


- clothing for children and teenagers (boys and girls) from 5 to 18 years old

- clothing for young women

- single sheets

- pillowcases

- mattress covers

- waxed

- toothbrushes and toothpastes

- shower gel and shampoo / conditioner

- small and large towels (for shower)

- hair phone

- sanitary napkins

- cleaning materials (brooms, mop, detergents, sponges)

- men's and women's underwear

- socks

- shoes

- winter jackets

- clothing in general


To bring the material it is advisable to contact the minor seminary of Rubano on 049 8731501, at the following times: from 15 to 18 from Monday 28 February to Friday 4 March and Saturday 5 March from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 18. In the material can be delivered at the same times.

For donations in favor of aid to this project if it is successful and to other solidarity projects for Ukraine, the current accounts of the diocesan Caritas can be used, specifying the reason "UKRAINE EMERGENCY":

• by bank transfer (made out to Caritas - Diocese of Padua) to:

Banca Etica Padua branch - IBAN: IT58 H050 1812 1010 0001 1004 009

• by postal order to account no. 102 923 57 (in the name of Caritas diocesana of Padua).

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