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IoSonoArte 2022. The contest opens to emerging film-makers and movie directors.

The 2022 edition of IoSonoArte, the artistic contest dedicated to young artists of school age from 11 to 18, as well as unknown free artists of any age, presents itself to the public with new forms of art to compete in the new edition.

The contest, conceived by non-profit ETHIKA based in Veneto (, already funded in 2021 by the Veneto Region Authority which supports the creation of initiatives and events with an evident character of cultural promotion and entertainment that contribute to the cultural and social growth of the community, it was recently included among the best festivals on the FilmFreeway online platform (, a reference point for all international video and film makers, directors and film productions.

IoSonoArte 2022, has obtained a wide consensus also at a European level and its own

international team has created the "WEart (h)" brand which embodies the concept of IoSonoArte, also including respect and attention to the values of sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment (precisely W-Earth, or Long Live the Earth, our planet).

The theme of this edition is suggestive: “Link… An electrifying journey”. The need to be connected electronically does not always coincide with sharing a personal experience, a feeling or a friendship; the journey of life allows us to test ourselves, to be ourselves for better or for worse, but also to keep our fellow travelers close. A path that leads us towards a future rich in sustainability, care for the environment that surrounds us and consideration for our fellow men, all in all their meanings. A LINK that comes out of our devices to become the file-rouge of our life ... to be experienced, electrifying!

Four really challenging sections: painting area, movie-TV spot area, photographic area and decoration area and sustainable design.

For the video-movie section, TV commercials with a maximum duration of 60 seconds will be accepted that obviously adhere to the theme of the 2022 edition, made with the most diverse techniques, from stop-motion animation, to cartoon, up to digital movie with the use of computer graphics.

FilmFreeway website, host IoSonoArte movie contest 2022

The filmed works must be sent to the contest-festival organizing secretariat by February 28th, through the FilmFreeway platform, by registering at

On the jury for the Movie-TV Spot sector, two artists and experts in Italian computer graphics, who work in Canada in the production of animated feature films, serials for international TV, as well as contributors for numerous recently screening films and others to be published soon.

Rich prize also for the "Enrico Morsiani designer" scholarship which will be reserved for students up to university level, worth 1000 euros.

In addition to these cash prizes, students are provided with supplies as in the last edition, by top-level companies in the production of office and school items, such as Perpetua LaMatita built entirely in recycled graphite and the school and school color sets. professional of ToyColor.

Prize in 2021 edition

The awards ceremony (scheduled for next May 2022 in a location in the Veneto region) will be intense and full of events, but everything is still reserved and will be revealed at the right moment.

The official website of the contest is at

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