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HelpUkraine project in Veneto. Urgent help for families.

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

The conflict in Ukraine comes in a post-covid period where we could at least think about raising our heads and putting us all to work to recover these last two years of absolute pain and human and economic losses.

But it didn't happen that way.

The young non-profit association ETHIKA, in Veneto, has created the HelpUkraine project to guarantee a direct communication channel between Ukraine and Italy, assisting the humanitarian corridors that will have to be opened to guarantee the safety of many people.

Also important is the support of an Italian-Swiss clothing brand that is providing aid and making its collaborators available, to help ETHIKA recover funds to manage the daily life of families with children and adolescents who will be hosted in Polesine and in some areas of the province. of Padua. Recently the association has also received support from the Pollination Projects Foundation, very important in the USA, which also has an office in Italy.

"... we care very much about the situation, our company has many friends in Ukraine, customers, mothers, girls and teenagers who appreciate our products, and also an official brand ambassador for our Kids & Teens sector ... Viktoria (12 years old) ran away from Dnipro with her mother ... She's fine but she's afraid ... We try every day to talk with her and with other families of her friends, to bring at least a first comfort and closeness ... with the collaboration of ETHIKA ... soon Viktoria and her mother will have hospitality in the municipality of Villanova del Ghebbo ... now I'm in transit in Poland ... ”, tells us Simona Riva, the brand's spokesperson.

Dr. Anna Mykhnyuk, is president of the ETHIKA association and citizen of Ukraine, in Italy for over 14 years. Anna, you know the situation perfectly, as in Ukraine you still have many relatives who are in the western part of the country.

… ETHIKA's“ HelpUkraine ”project in collaboration is already having positive effects; the direct communication channel allows the project operators and the network of institutions to have certified news directly from the Ukrainian territory and to anticipate the movements of refugees in order to direct them to the appropriate reception areas ... We are providing linguistic support in Ukrainian and Russian for all those who are arriving and for the main institutions, assisted by the Councilor Erika Alberghini of the Municipality of Rovigo ... ”, tells us the president of ETHIKA.

The whole national territory is mobilized, so ETHIKA will be available for every operational need, facilitating contacts with other institutions and associations that deal with reception, easing the difficult task of linguistic, social and educational interaction, especially for minors.

Meanwhile, in the province of Padua, 60 minors between the ages of 5 and 17 have already arrived and were promptly welcomed and cared for with great professionalism at the premises made available to the Bishopric of Padua.

There are also people from Tuscany who contact ETHIKA to welcome children and their mothers.

The very young Victoria from the city of Dnipro, has gladly accepted to become the face of this aid campaign for all children and minors who will need to see a light of hope, together with those they love.

All information on the HelpUkraine page of the ETHIKA website at

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