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From Veneto to Paris. A former art teacher conquers the French critics, who certify her works.

Of course, these days it is very difficult to identify those who have made their creed of life in art, craftsmanship and professionalism, but even if a little late, talent and ability reach the top; almost a bet won by Cavalier Prof. Raffaela Quaiotti, born in Verona, who with some of her most recent and representative works, has snatched a series of unexpected and very positive criticisms, winning a prestigious artistic certification from the galleries ArtMajeur and Akoun, a company for artists and art trade, operating internationally based in Paris.

Recently awarded the knighthood of merit of the Republic and before that of the Medal of the President of the Republic, the prof, as she is still affectionately called by colleagues and alumni, has an artistic production of all respect, with over 100 paintings, drawings, studies and experiments.

The works presented by the staff of the prof, who for some years has also been artistic director of the ETHIKA association and artistic consultant of an Italian-Swiss clothing brand, have been examined by the critics of the Parisian galleries, who are notoriously very strict and not used to releasing positive reviews, especially when it comes to artists who are a little out of their minds.

The result arrived in a short time, and left everyone quite surprised, both in the notes of merit that were bestowed, and by the economic evaluations of the works, really very interesting.

Compared to the average of the works presented, in fact, the Venetian artist obtained much higher ratings, immediately winning a very high number of visits to her works in the virtual ArtMajeur gallery.

Certification for an artist is always a moment of professional and artistic truth; the judgment of international experts can be discouraging, but in this case it was both professional and human confirmation that so much work over so many years has finally been rewarded.

Now a new season is opening which will certainly include, among other things, the opportunity to exhibit some of her works in Paris at the Akoun galleries which are notoriously among the most frequented by the public and by lovers of contemporary, modern and classical.

The artist's works can be viewed and purchased exclusively on the ArtMajeur portal ( and also on the official website at


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