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East Ukraine under siege. Dnipro without water and electricity for at least two days.

Correspondents in Dnipro.

Our institution is in contact with friends and collaborators who live in Dnipro and who send us direct news. These are the latest news.



The situation has worsened in the last few minutes as it has been communicated to the population that water and electricity supplies will be suspended for at least two days. This situation is certainly not reserved for Dnipro, but there is no certain information about the neighboring cities either. There are also web and telephone interruptions, which leave communication gaps of several hours.

The columns of cars that are accumulating in the city and throughout the suburbs have increased to such an extent that it is often not possible to get out of the garages with the car and onto the street.

The danger of other attacks also in the city center is not averted, even if the Ukrainian battalions are having points of success against armored vehicles, tanks and helicopters, through the use of drones.

By now tens of thousands of families have decided to move from the city to the eastern countryside where it is more difficult for the Russian military to attack, due to the absence of specific targets.

More updates from Dnipro asap.


Our body, which is based in Veneto, has been contacting numerous humanitarian associations and NGOs since yesterday in order to promote a cordon of assistance and create an escape route to Veneto. We ask everyone to listen and do everything possible to help these people, arranging reception areas in apartments, hotels, schools and how much space is available in the provinces of Veneto.

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